Liberty Tree Alliance is a conservative grassroots organization of liberty-minded Americans, mobilized and motivated to restore our nation's decent freedom. It is the mission of Liberty Tree Alliance to inspire, inform, engage and empower our fellow citizens in vital tasks of civic betterment of our communities and our beloved country!

Our culture of voluntary participation and grassroots activism form the very essence of American civic responsibility. People at the grassroots are highly motivated to do something MEANINGFUL – for their community and their country. They are civic-minded people who – when they find a cause worthy of their time, energy, and means – are willing to let go of conventions, fears, and preconceptions and jump into the cause with righteous passion.

With Liberty Tree Alliance they become grassroots activists because of their belief in the ideals that define what it means to be an American. They are overwhelmingly believers in American's founding principles and unashamedly support the causes of economic liberty, natural law, and moral responsibility. While there are certainly committed Communists in the United States, there are many millions more "grassroots activists" today who are God-fearing, rock-solid, sincere, small government Americans.

These patriots have a home here at Liberty Tree Alliance. We labor to serve the right causes, in the right conditions with the right colleagues, where united we can and will perform yeoman work indispensable to the success of our "great experiment" in responsible self-government. Please join them, and us as we strive together to help educate, encourage and confirm America's commitment to liberty, human equality and the rule of law. is authorized and paid for by Liberty Tree Alliance, a 501(c)(4) social welfare organization dedicated to nonpartisan civic education and advocacy about vital national issues. Donations are not tax deductible for income tax purposes.